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ThinQuity Enterprise Private Limited, is very young company officially established in 2012. The name ThinQuity represents ‘think equity’, where we believe ideas is our equity. As name says our vision is to evolve innovative ideas and nurture them in order to make difference in people’s life. Our aim is to concentrate on such products which bring revolutions in its own domain.

One of director of company is from IT Solutions background having 12+ years of experience in IT field and the other is from Engineering background with similar experience in own fields. But, their inner passion is to bring difference in people’s life and that reflects by their founded NGO, ‘PRAYAS Team Environment Charitable Trust’. They started this company carrying their experience and passion to make difference. The products of company reflect the vision.

Company is not targeting their solution in individual field as their vision is to make difference and hence they works on many domains like;

  • Information Technology

    We build products targeting un-common problem statements to make it easy.

  • Adventure & Eco-Tourism

    We encourage adventure and eco-tourism in young and corporate people to give them sight of the real life beyond their own cubicles.

  • Soft Skill Training (outbound & indoor)

    As an emerging need of modern culture and international business communities, soft skill is a ‘key’. We provide customized solution for corporates targeting their actual problems and need.

  • Environment Conservation

    As world speaks about, environmental issues are biggest threat to human kind. We are building products which uses automation and artificial intelligence to contribute in government’s environment conservation missions.

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