Adventure & Eco-Tourism

Being adventurist is a key factor for success in any field, whether its sports or day to day life. One needs to learn being courageous and confident to prove oneself in life. And so we have various work area to develop courage in individual’s nature.

Our Areas

  • Adventure Training

    We have come up with properly designed training course of “Rock Climbing”. It will aim to experience real thrill of rock climbing by knowing its real techniques and concepts. It’s to cultivate rock climbing as sports in young. Subscribe for update (at bottom of this page) to get update of upcoming schedule.

  • Adventure Equipment

    Adventure sports are our hobby and so it’s in our blood. We can arrange best equipment as per your need considering required safety and quality for your need. We don’t hold store for such equipment but we can surely guide you to possible resources with no financial interest.

  • Adventure Activity Setups

    We setup adventure activity infrastructure in your premises like school, collage, university campus, or adventure parks. Activities we can setup are Zip Line, Artificial Climbing Wall, High Rope Activities, Commando Net, Hurdle Training etc.

  • Mountaineering & Camping

    Mountains are our real home. We feel in the sky when we are in mountain. With our training we don’t hesitate choosing any route to go to mountain weather there is a trail available or not. We want to cultivate this characteristics in people and so we take on various camps across year with different budget group. Dang, Gir, Saputara, Abu, Manali & LEH are our routine place. We are also coming up with various un-known treks. Stay tuned by subscribing.

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