Environment Conservation

Environment has given us ‘elixir’ of our life. And we believe it’s our first duty to return a favor to it. And so we identified scope of unique way to save our environment by saving tree. We conduct tree census and work with authorities to ensure no trees gets cuts and it gets transplanted at some other place.

Our Services

  • Tree Transplantation

    Tree Transplantation is highly technical subject keeping us busy throughout the year. As it involves, identifying species to understand its characteristics, its soil where it’s rooted and also surrounding area to identify if this can be transplanted. Once we identify possibilities of successful transplantation, we will ensure it does not get cut. Our skills makes it happens with minimum resources possible. We have got more 80% successful survival of transplanted trees among more than 3000 trees we have done so far.

  • Tree census

    Growing population needs more oxygen. This is simple logic a child can understand. But we have failed growing trees along with population which is only source of oxygen. And hence it’s very important to identify how much trees we have against population of city. A scientific survey is must to identify the need and ensuring the enough trees are grown (not just planted) and existing trees are saved at any cost. Our IT and Engineering expertise has come up with unique platform and system to conduct tree census scientifically and more accurately.

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